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San Miguel de Allende

Why train taijiquan in San Miguel?

San Miguel was a Spanish colonial town built in the early sixteenth century, so the old town architecture is very European. At the same time the town is very Mexican—delicious food, great shopping and a laid back vibe—a town of 80,000 people with no traffic lights!

A lot of ‘ex-pats’, attracted by the atmosphere (Americans and Canadians form about 15% of the population), live in San Miguel giving it a relatively cosmopolitan flavour.

As things progress we will add more info about San Miguel and how participants are progressing with accommodations, reservations, pre-training schedules and so on.

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Holidays and Fiestas in San Miguel during the intensive:


21st: Birthday of General Ignacio Allende
24th: Departure for Pilgrims to San Juan de los Lagos
2nd: Candelaria
5th: Constitution Day
14th: St. Valentine's Day
24th: Flag Day
Last week: National Jazz Festival
5th: Carnival Day
17th: St. Patrick's Day
19th: Feast of San José
21st: Birthday of Benito Juárez
28th: Lord of Column is carried from Atotonilco to San Miguel


Taiji spaces
in San Miguel

in a terraced park

Did you know?

Cow! and Blue Manifesto
were both recorded in 2004
in San Miguel de Allende
with Bobby Kapp


Blue Manifesto