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2007 5 Section Intensive

*archive for a completed event*

Looking back:

(l-r back) David Amador, Adriaan Blaauw, Ed Cooper,
Michelle Livaja, Erica Anderson, André Couture, Karin Collins,
Susan Dubois, Réal Lalande, Robert Kaplan
(l-r front ) Jill Heath, Matthew Case, Sam Masich, Javier Arnanz, Trude De Jong

5 Section Chen on the tennis courts

 Susan & David (5 Section Taiji San-shou)

Adriaan & Jill (5 Section Chen)

André (5 Section Duilian Jian)

Matt (5 Section Chen)

Salute for the 5 Section group demo

Matt & Trude (5 Section Duilian Jian)

Tom Masich on coaching

Adriaan, David, Javier (demo—5 Chen, 5 Yang, 5 sword)

5 Section Yang on the tennis courts

Certificate for the class

The Wuduan seal for the certificate
was carved by Yukman Lai

The original Wuduan five character logo was created by John Camp

Adriaan Blaauw
(Ottawa, ON, Canada)

André Couture
(L'Îsle-de-la-Madeleine, PQ, Canada)

Bobby Kapp
(San Miguel de Allende, MX)

David Amador
(San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Ed Cooper
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Erica Anderson
(Eugene, OR, USA)

Javier Arnanz
(Madrid, Spain)

Jill Heath
(Oakville, ON, Canada)

Karin Collins
(Seattle, Washington, USA)

Matthew Case 
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Michelle Livaja
(Bowen Island, BC, Canada)

Réal Lalande
(Gatineau, PQ, Canada)

Susan Dubois
(Clearwater, BC, Canada)

Trude De Jong
(Painted Post, NY, USA)