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2009 Yang Intensive

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2009 Yang Style Taijiquan
Full Curriculum Intensive

Jan.12 through Mar.28 2009
with Sam Masich
in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
(This intensive is now closed. Find out more
about the intensive as it progresses here)

                                       (Why San Miguel?)

Objectives  of the course:
In this intensive we will be focusing on the Yang-style Taijiquan curriculum in its entirety, with the purpose of developing high level practitioners and teachers. It is expected that participants will advance greatly in all practical and theoretical areas of the art. Upon satisfactory completion, each class member will receive a certificate and skill evaluation assessment.

Who should apply: This course is designed for serious students of Yang-style Taijiquan who wish to complete the entire syllabus of the art as taught by Sam Masich. To be eligible for the course, students will have studied approximately 70% of the material prior to the start date of the class (see 'Curriculum' below). Ideally this will have been with Sam but studies with Sam’s advanced students and with other teachers will be taken into consideration as well. To get a sense of what the full curriculum intensive entails watch the 'Tai Chi in Performance' trailer.

Students must be willing to work hard for long hours, commit to the schedule of training for the three months and meet financial commitments. The course will be limited to 15 participants.

Framework of the intensive: The course will run from Jan. 12 through Mar. 28 2009. Classes will take place four days per week—Mondays through Thursday—with the exception of a short break. Class structure will typically involve a mix of material each day though some subjects may be taught in a seminar format in order to allow participation of other students.

There is a lot to consider when taking a course of this nature. Taking time away from work, family and friends; being in condition and up-to-speed with your material; financal commitments, etc. These can all be stressful factors in preparation the intensive.

Start working on your support network now! Think about who will assist you in realizing this goal.
• Show your friends and supporters the 'Tai Chi in Performance' DVD so they can see what kind of journey you'll be embarking on.
• Start a practice collective to work on your Yang curriculum in the next year. Make a schedule for practice.
• Plan a budget to save for the course deposit and fee, and for lost income.
• Start looking for accommodations in San Miguel de Allende soon!


• Gongli for Yang-style Taijiquan
    Standing Post
    Symmetrical push qigong
    Breathe Placement
    Gongli (strength, flexibility and conditioning training)
• Yang-style Taijiquan solo barehand forms
    108 Yang Style Taijiquan solo form
    37 Postures (& families)
• Yang-style Taijiquan Push Hands
    Eight preparatory exercises (‘1-8’; & mix of drills) (Ba Pan Jia Zi)
    • Four-hands (Si-zheng Tui-shou)
    Fixed-step (forward & backward timing)
    Fixed-step freestyle (& 8 changes)
    Moving-step (follow, cover, circle-walking)
    Moving-step freestyle (leg changes)
    • Large Rolling (Da Lü)
    Da Lü diagonal orientation
    Da Lü square orientation
    Da Lü variations and freestyle
• Free sparring (San-shou)
    Taiji San-shou form (‘88’; & mix)
    Solo form/37 Postures applications
    Fighting Range theory and training
    Push-hands for sparring
• Yang-style Taijidao (Sabre)                                                     
    Sabre form 2 (Chen Yanlin style)  
    Sabre form 1 (Fu Zhongwen style)
    Sabre sparring drills (parries and attacks)
    Sabre two person routine (8 moves)
    Sabre free-sparring
• Yang-style Taijijian (Straight-sword)
    54 Solo Straight-sword form
    Straight-sword two person drills (parries and attacks; sticking)
    Straight-sword free-sparring
• Yang-style Taijiqiang (Spear)
    Spear solo training
    Taiji 13 (binding) spear training
    Spear free-sparring

2001-02 Yang Taiji Full Curriculum class
(L—R top) Leslie Farella, Art Baner, Jayeson Hendyrsan, Jim Madras,
Cage Campbell, Jan Parker, Lois Harle, Peter Branson,
Anna Michael, Paul Nicolazzo, Mary Lynn Lewis