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Private Study 2014-15

Private, in depth training, is a sure way to improve quickly!

Many students have experienced accelerated progress from private, semi-private and small group sessions with Sam. Lesson topic, format and schedule can be tailored to meet individual needs. The opportunity for real hands on correction and Sam's direct feedback can be invaluable in cultivating higher skill levels.

Private lessons are generally scheduled for an hour but intensive periods of study are also accommodated. Sometimes lessons can be scheduled when Sam is on tour and teaching a seminar in a town near you. Check the Calendar to see where he is when and the availability schedule in the right side bar. Sam divides his teaching time between Europe and Canada.

Private study groups
Groups can also book Sam for closed seminars or guidance sessions. Sam will occasionally travel to teach small, private or small group closed sessions—talk to your study-buddies and put something together!

'One hour with Sam gives me enough to work on for a year!'
—Kim Ivy (Instructor, Seattle)
'I recently booked 20 hours of private lessons with Sam over a 2 week period in order to get detailed instruction on the classical long Yang form. I found Sam to be highly skilled at breaking down the technical aspects of the form in a way that virtually anyone could understand. The trip to Berlin (from Canada) was well worth the cost and effort.'
—Gerry Geisler (Vancouver, Canada)

Private lessons 2014-15  

In 2014-15 Sam is available for private & small group lessons at these times, in these locations.
Check Sam's calendar to see where he is when and contact to make arrangements.

• Sept. 2014: Berlin
• Oct. 2014: Ontario
• Jan-Apr. 2015: Berlin
• May 2015: Ontario
• June-July 2015: Berlin
July 2015: Vancouver
• Aug-Sept: Berlin

Private study groups
You can also book Sam for closed workshops or private sessions. Either come to Berlin or Sam will sometimes travel to teach private or small group closed sessions—talk to your taiji buddies and put something together!

Private Lessons With Sam
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