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Mailorder DVDs


To order Sam's DVDs & CD's by mail, follow these 3 steps.

1) Email Little Productions with the following information:

Product Information:
• Titles of DVDs, CDs or names of product
• Quantity


Customer Information
• Name
• Shipping address
• Email & Telephone

2) Await email confirmation from Little Productions before sending your money order.
The confirmation email will include total price with shipping and handling, availability and expected time of delivery.

3) Make cheque or money-order payable to: Sam Masich

Send to:

Sam Masich
237 Wilson Cresc.
Prince George B.C.
Canada V2L-4P8


    • Prices: are in Canadian dollars if shipped to a Canadian address; US dollars if shipped to a USA or other country address.
    • Discounts: If your order (not including postage and handling) comes to over $200 deduct 10%. For orders of $300 and over, deduct $20%. (Maximum 30% discount) (Discounts above do not apply on Sam Masich Video Classics Collection)
    • Postage & Handling: For individual orders please include: $7 +$3 per each item in your order (eg. 1 Video = $10; 5 Video = $22). For overseas orders please add an additional $10.
For Sam Masich Video Classics Collection: $15 p&h DVD; $20 p&h VHS



Little Productions
& SamSongsMusic

Internal Arts Instructional Videos
5 Section Yang Style Taijiquan vol. 1

5 Section Taijiquan (2 person) vol. 2
  5 Section Taijijian (solo sword) vol. 3

5 Section Taijijian (2 person sword) vol. 4

5 Section Chen Style Taijiquan vol. 5

24 Simplified Taijiquan

Push Hands Video Manual vol. 1

Push Hands Video Manual vol. 2

Balancing the Heart Qigong

Tai Chi for 50+

Vital Xingyiquan vol. 1

Vital Xingyiquan vol. 2

Tai Chi Reference Video Series

Zheng Manqing Taijiquan

Sam Masich Video Classics Collection ($375DVD/$325VHS)
(for details see 'Sam Masich Video Classics Collection' page)

 'Tai Chi in Performance'
LP Official Bootleg Series vol.1

Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan 108

SamSongsMusic CD's
(for descriptions see: 'Sam's Recordings' page)
Cow! (Aldous Orwell Project) $20
Cinematic (FFM) $20

Blue Manifesto (Blue Manifesto) $20

The 3 New Discs (Cow!, Cinematic & Blue Manifesto) $50 (Limited Time Offer!)

Why It Happens (Sam & Christine Duncan) $15

AniManiacal (Sam Masich) $15

Angst Ridden Writer (Michael Friedman) $15

Different Standards (Christine Duncan) $15

The Vogue Show (Christine Duncan) $15

FFM Live Plus! (FFM) $15