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Music articles

Welcome to the Music articles page. This page includes essays and handouts by Sam on  songwriting and guitar.

Secondary Chords:

This eight page handout was originally created for students at GSGW, the Georgia Strait Guitar Workshop, an excellent music gathering which takes place annually in the Vancouver BC area.

Secondary Chords is a term I coined to refer to certain types of inversions and chord variations which add range to the advanced beginner and intermediate guitarist's chord repertoire. These are chords which are commonly used but rarely discussed.

Guitar Student Quotes

"Excellent, very useful course! Great combination of practical theory useful specifics. This will keep me going all year!"

"Absolutely changed my life! Sam has married the use of practical patterns with some building blocks of essential theory. It was perfect for the ‘stuck’ intermediate."

"Full of info and great hints that could take a lifetime to understand."

"Great class, great teacher. Really valuable, accessible, usable material."

"What I should have had years ago!!"

—Student feedback from GSGW students