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Goettingen, Germany
Sat September 24 - Sun September 25
Deutschland Taiji Projekt. Trainingstreffen #3

 Gegenseitig untersteutzendes Training der von Sam gelernten uebungen 
Es ist wichtig, sich Zeit zu nehmen, um das in der Seminarreihe des Deutschland Taiji-Projektes gelernte Material zu ueben und zu wiederholen - wollen wir im Curriculum vorwaerts kommen und das Material verstehen.
Between Saminar Training Meetings

Finding the time for practicing and reviewing the material we learn in the Deutschland Taiji Project workshop series is important if we want to keep moving forward with the curriculum and our understanding of the material. In these 'Between Saminar Training Meetings' we can review and prepare for the work to come.

times: Samstag/Sontag 10:00-17:30
location: Sporthalle MPG II, Lange Geismarstrasse 81, 37073 Goettingen
contact: Christian Auerbach tel: 05594-261 ???

2016 Program
24.-25. September. Goettingen Trainingstreffen #3  (  
18.-20. November. Hannover Seminar #4  Sensing-hands/Sensing-sword (with Sam)  (


Type of Event: Internal Arts Workshop

London, Ontario
Fri October 14 - Sun October 16
Yang-style Taijiquan 'Eight Pieces of Brocade' #1 (Baduanjin)

Friday evening: Four Push-hands Tricks
On this evening we will look at some fun and practical push-hands techniques that can be used for free style push-hands play. These 'tricks' are all based on the principles of jue-shou sensing-hands and will deepen our exploration of the 'four do's'—'sticking,' 'adhering,' 'connecting,' 'following' (zhan nian lian sui), and the
'four don'ts' 'reaching,' 'skewing,' 'losing,' resisting' (ding pian diu kong).
Saturday & Sunday: Yang-style Taijiquan 'Eight Pieces of Brocade'
Chen Yanlin's bookTaijiquan is often described as 'meditation in motion' but meditative and energetic aspects of the art often take a back seat to the outer movements of the form. Learning this type of 'taiji qigong' will transform your understanding of the art and add depth to your practice. Fragments of the Yang-style Taijiquan 'Eight Pieces of Brocade' (Baduanjin) have been passed down through various sources but it is not common to find instruction in the entire set. The material was considered by early Yang masters to be an essential part of internal training. While parts of this neigong practice have appeared in print, for example in Chen Yanlin's 1943 book 'Taiji Boxing, Sabre, Sword, Pole, Sparring Compiled', to date there is no full rendering of a Yang 'Eight Pieces of Brocade' in English.

In this class we will learn, in detail, the first three sections of the Yang Taijiquan Baduanjin Section 1: Peng and An; Section 2: the 21 gesture 'Taijiquan Fundamental Strengthening Body and Mobilizing Qi Method'; and Section 3: The Waist and Spine. We will continue to learn the next five sections of the Yang Baduanjin as well how to apply this neigong to other practices in the next two sessions in May and October 2017.

Schedule Fri. 7-9:30pm Sat/Sun. 10am-5:30 pm

location The Epiphany Memorial Hall (19A Holborn Ave.)
cost Full weekend $285 (Early bird price $275???payment deadline Sep. 20)
        Friday night only $50
        Sat/Sun $250 (Early-bird $235)
contact Chuck Stratton 519-550-2709

Type of Event: Internal Arts Workshop

Gatineau, Canada
Fri October 28 - Sun October 30
Taiji Sabre + 24 Taijiquan (review)

Master the traditional Yang-style Taijiquan Weapons Full Curriculum!
This unique three year long series covers the weapons curriculum of Yang-style Taijiquan and includes Taiji Sabre (Dao), Taiji Straight-sword (Jian), and Taiji Spear (Qiang). Learn the traditional forms and the thirteen power concept for each weapon. Sam's approach to this subject will provide students with deeper insights into taijiquan's concepts of health, self defence and self-cultivation.

Saturday/Sunday Taiji Sabre
This weekend we will study the solo sabre form popularized by Fu Zhongwen in his 1959 co-authored book 'Taijidao.' The form follows the rhythm of a thirteen line poem (Taijidao Jue) and is therefore known as 'Thirteen Taiji Sabre.' The sabre is a relatively simple weapon, the mastery of which, prepares students for complexities of the straight-sword and spear. Please bring a wooden or metal taiji sabre. A Japanese style 'katana' will work. Excellent taiji sabres can be purchased from the Yang Family website here.

Friday evening 24 Movement Taijiquan

24 Movement Taijiquan is also known as 'Simplified Taijiquan' as it provides a stepping stone between novice and more advanced traditional forms. Created in 1954, the 24 is part of a standard introductory program taught in schools, parks and institutions throughout mainland China and around the world. Tonight we will look at difficult movements and common problems. Bring questions!

Vendredi soir (Fri. eve): 19h00 à 22h00 seulement: $50
Samedi ou Dimanche (Sat or Sun): 10h00 à 17h00) seulement: $130
Samedi et Dimanche
(Sat and Sun): $250 ($235 si pré-enregistré. if pre-registered Sept. 29)
Fin de semaine (whole weekend): $275
($250 si pré-enregistré. if pre-registered Sept. 29) Location: Centre de tai chi Gilles-Vaillant, 109 rue Wright, Gatineau, Québec
Contact/Pré-enregistrement: Réal Lalande (819) 778-0147
ou (or) Jacques Michaud: (819) 772-4769

Yang-style Taijiquan Weapons Full Curriculum  

1. Oct. 2016      13 Taijidao Sabre form (Fu Zhongwen variation) + Friday evening 24 Taijiquan
2. May. 2017     'Chen Yanlin' 32 Taijidao Sabre form + Friday evening Taijidao applications form
3. Oct. 2017      Thirteen-powers Taijidao solo and partner training
4. May. 2018     Yang 54 Taijijian Straight-sword form
5. Oct. 2018      Thirteen-powers Taijijian solo and partner training + Friday evening Sensing-sword
6. May. 2019     Thirteen-powers Taijiqiang Spear Training FOUR DAY solo and partner training

Type of Event: Internal Arts Workshop

Brighton, England
Sat November 5 - Sun November 6
13 Power Taiji Sword (+ Sabre review)

Graceful and profound, taiji straight-sword (taijijian) has it roots in the famed fencing skills of Wudang Mountain, home of mystical sage Zhang Sanfeng. Taijijian is the most popular of the weapons in taijiquan curriculum. The main focus of this weekend will be thirteen power sword and it's 'eight gates and five-phases' taiji straight-sword drills. The practical simplicity of the thirteen powers concept brings the sword to life, enlivening solo forms and partner practices.

The foundation for thirteen power taiji straight-sword is found in the thirteen power taiji sabre . The straight-sword makes elegant the coarse simplicity of the taijidao and clears a path for later study of taijiquan's thirteen power spear. This straight-sword class will include a review of the thirteen power sabre to better understand the relationship between the two weapons.

Please bring:
Mandatory: a wooden taiji straight-sword.
Not mandatory but suggested: A wooden taiji sabre (a japanese style 'katana' is fine), a metal sword; a protective fencing mask; protective glove for your sword hand. Any 'soft' sabre/swords you can bring will also be helpful. Upon completion of the full course students will receive a certificate acknowledging the training.

times: Sat/Sun 10:30am-5pm
cost: €135
location:Middle Street Primary, Middle Street, Brighton (The entrance gate is the tall green one opposite Oasis on Middle Street.)
contact: Simon or Cher Robins 07825 410967 / 01903 369501





Type of Event: Internal Arts Workshop

Invorio, Lago Maggiore, Italy
Sat November 12 - Sun November 13
Four-hands Foundations (Sizheng Tuishou)

Master the traditional Yang-style Taijiquan Push-hands Full Curriculum!

 'Four-hands' practice, known also as 'peng, lü, ji, an', provides the foundation for a solid understanding of the taijiquan theory. In 2015 we will study four-hands push-hands twice.

On this weekend we will study 'Four-square Push-hands' (sizheng tuishou) basic structure—how 'backward' and 'forward' timings work, and how the 1-8 preparatory exercises relate to four-hands.

On pushing hands with Master Raymond Chung
'At some point Master Chung indicated that it was okay for me to probe more deeply into his centre. What I found was incredible! As I explored various angles and approaches I had the feeling of pushing into soft, thick moss—alive and giving—but attached to something very solid. It was as if his centre was a stone his same height yet buried deep into the earth. It was then I realized how much work I had to do if I wanted to make real progress in the art???how little power I had compared to this old man.'
—Sam Masich 1985

(Sam's first teacher Brien Gallagher learned this material in the 1960's from Grandmaster Raymond Chung (b. 鍾蔭民 1913).
This is a tradition passed down hand-to-hand over a period of 80 years.)

This workshop is open to all taiji players!

orario/times: dalle 10 alle 17:30
location: Via Vergante 49 (between Lago Maggiore and Lago d'Orta)
cost: €195 (€165 se confermato entro il 30 settembre con acconto di 100 euro)
(€165 if confirmed before Sept. 30 with a €100 deposit)
contact: Chiara Vendettuoli 0039-3389965638

Type of Event: Internal Arts Workshop

Hannover, Germany
Fri November 18 - Sun November 20
Sensing Hands to Sensing Sword... and back!

Taiji partner sword work is similar to taiji push-hands. Taiji zhan-nian jian or 'sticking sword' also requires the ability to 'listen', 'understand' and 'receive'�but with the blade. Many concepts from jue-shou are directly transferable to jue-jian. Both sensing-hands and sensing-sword are components of the 5 Section Taijiquan program and important in traditional taijiquan.

times: Freitag 19:00-21:30 Samstag/Sontag 10:00-17:30
cost: Full Weekend €200. Friday only: €35. Samstag/Sontag: €175.
location: Jugendzentrum Nordstadt Am kleinen Felde 28
contact: Oliver Rust <> website: Tai Chi im Park

Type of Event: Internal Arts Workshop