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Cow! (300010)
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Cow! (300010)
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Aldous Orwell Project

Cow! is an album of folk-noire by Sam's Aldous Orwell Project about the politic of our time. The album was recorded in 3 magical days in Mexico with Mexican, Cuban, Canadian and American musicians all of whom bring something personal to the themes in the tunes. Featuring the great Cuban pianist Gabriel Hernandez (Irakere), Willie Royale (Willie & Lobo) and Bobby Kapp. Includes the songs Nuclear Waltz, They Say, The Great Dictator and My Best Prayer.
10 songs. ©2005 SOCAN S.Masich

• This is music for the advanced listeners! Acoustic folkrock featuring outspoken political lyrics, mixed with worldfusion jazz.' Johanna J. Bodde (New Insurgent Country—Holland)
• Cow! is a total masterpiece.' —Miles Black (pianist)

sample Nuclear Waltz
sample They Say
sample Cow
sample The Great Dictator
sample Spiders

VIDEO: 'Nuclear Waltz' from 'Cow!' is performed in a live Aldous Orwell Show from 2006. The song was written on the eve of the US led invasion and occupation of Iraq.