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Berlin Taiji Apprenticesh

Berlin Taiji Apprenticeship Program

January—February 2013
with Sam Masich

Make real progress!
Imagine having personalized feedback four-days a week from one of the top taiji instructors teaching today. Imagine participating in research, production and creative activity in one of the best taiji libraries anywhere!

This is an opportunity to intensively explore the world of taijiquan in a unique and productive way, both learning from and contributing to the art.

Traditional ‘indoor training’ often involved students coming to live and train with the master. In this modern take on the time honoured practice, Sam opens his personal studio, library and production facilities for an intensive unlike any other.

Limited to five students! Sam will take up to five students through January and February 2013. Sessions will take place Monday to Friday from Jan. 7—Feb. 28.

The day will start with a one hour practice session with the other apprentices (and possibly members of the local taiji community). Sam will then give one hour of private tutorial to each of the apprentices, focusing on their specific needs and interests.

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Apprenticeship Exchange
Apprenticeship exchange involves tasks related mainly to taiji projects including books, video, audio and web-based productions. Other areas could include building and materials skills (i.e. cleaning and repairing taiji weapons). The exchange is focused primarily around taijiquan related projects so that a unique learning environment is maintained even in exchange. Work will be acknowledged in any publications that may emerge.

Special skills needed
audio, video and graphic arts production
academic research
text editing
website & computer
workshop, wood/metal
translation skills (Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese)