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New DVDs!

Sam Masich Push Hands DVD with Taiji Da Lu Push Hands Video Manual
vol. 2 'Da Lu'

Sam Masich & Eston Hospedales
(Push Hands - Intermediate)
    This long awaited program is a continuation of the Push Hands Video Manual vol. 1. The Push Hands Video Manual Vol. 2 features Da Lu, the ‘Large Roll-back’, an important core Push Hands study. Unique in the Tai Chi instructional video genre, this portrayal of Da Lu depicts the form with far more detail than in other films covering the subject. 40 min. ©2007

(part of the Sam Masich Video Classics Collection)

5 Section Chen Taijiquan
Sam Masich (& Koruger Adcock)
(Chen Form & Applications - Beginner/Intermediate)
    This is volume 5 of the 5 Section Series created by Sam Masich in the 1990‘s. This Chen form follows the same structure as the solo Yang and solo sword routines. Demonstrations of Chen style principles, applications and Push Hands make this an important program for people wanting a concise experience this fascinating approach to Tai Chi. 53 minutes ©2007

(part of the Sam Masich Video Classics Collection)

Sam Masich DVD - Instructional Zheng Manqing Taijiquan (Taichichuan)Zheng Manqing Taijiquan
(Ch'eng Man Ching T'ai Chi Ch'uan)

Marek (Ashika) Ostapkowicz
(Form & Push Hands - Beginner/Intermediate)
    More than just a great Zheng Manqing style primer, this program features Zheng’s popular 37 Movement form as well as his unique Push Hands drills and rarely seen Long Form! Performed by Marek Ostapkowicz after an intensive period of study with Dr. Chi Chiang Tao (Zheng’s oldest disciple), this program is sure to be of interest to both Zheng Manqing & Chi Chiang Tao lineage practitioners and those wanting to learn more about this style. 118 min. ©2007
(part of the Sam Masich Video Classics Collection)

Sam Masich Yang Style Sword Taijijian

LP Official Bootleg Series vol.2:
Yang Style Traditional 54 Taijijian

Sam Masich
(Solo Sword Form - All Levels)
    The second in the Little Productions ‘Bootleg Series’ features footage shot from workshops in 2004 as well as a special a bonus performance. The entire Yang 54 straight-sword routine is performed with Sam solo and leading the class at a slow pace. The form is narrated throughout and titled posture by posture. Class discussion and explanation follow along with several sword performances designed to clarify free-style sword practice. 60 minutes ©2003/2006



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20 Years of Internal Arts Programs
with Sam Masich & friends

This half-hour DVD gives previews for all Little Productions Internal Arts instructional programs.
Also, an overview of the Sam Masich Video Classics Collection and several bonus clips of Sam in action!

—Includes hi-res clips of Sam at Kinzua bridge—

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