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Studying with Sam

Seminars, Workshops, Classes & Intensives

Sam's seminars, workshops and special intensives are educational, fun and generally easy to organize. His unique approach to teaching makes it possible for participants with a wide range of experience levels to work together. Over the past twenty plus years he has taught thousands of participants during hundreds of seminars and never fails to inspire students along their path.

What does Sam teach?
Sam is one of the most versatile Internal Arts instructors in the world today with a catalogue of dozens of workshop topics ranging from: modern and traditional Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang; to Qigong, meditation and other internal arts practices. (Below is a list of topics.)

While his main teaching focuses on Yang Style Taijiquan and the 5 Section Taiji program, Sam has developed many progressive methods for teaching core principles and receives rave reviews from instructors and beginners alike.

How does Sam teach?
Sam is very often scheduled for Saturday/Sunday weekend workshops which may or may not involve a Friday evening. He also frequently teaches four day mini-intensives, private and small group lessons as well as various 'Special Intensives'.

How can we organize an event with Sam?
Sam's schedule can get pretty full so it is important to book well in advance. Six months to a year is usually sufficient time to get a workshop together. He tends to favour established groups over new ones with regard to scheduling so flexibility is helpful.

Currently his life and schedule take him across Canada and to Europe (he lives part time in Vancouver and in Berlin), so scheduling can depend on where in the world he is at a given time. It's a good idea to organize your event around a workshop tour.

Arranging a Saminar: with Organizer's Guide.

Cost: Sam likes to keep his workshops reasonably priced for both organizers and participants. Generally about 20-25 participants paying an affordable tuition allows basic fees and costs to be met fairly easily. You can email to receive a cost sheet for workshops.

Private & small group lessons:
Often Sam can be booked for some personal time when he is in town teaching a workshop. Go to the private lessons page for Sam's 2008 availability. For information on scheduling and costs email here.

Special Intensives:
Sam has offered several special intensives over the years. Special intensives are usually organized around a specific theme or group of students. A web-page devoted to current and past special intensives can be found here.

Workshop topics and curriculum
Seminars vary in length depending on topic and depth of instruction. The topic lists below are compiled from some of Sam's past workshops and can be combined or modified to suit group needs and interests.

Curriculum based work

Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan:
Sam teaches the full curriculum of Yang Style Taijiquan

Yang shi Taijiquan 108: 108 movement barehand form
Ba Pan Jia Zi: 8 Push-hands preparation drills
Si Zheng Tui-shou:
    Four-hands—stationary (plus: changes and timings)
    Four-hands—moving step (3-3, 3-2 & circle stepping)
Da Lu: Big Pull. Standard form & variations 大履
Taiji Sanshou: 88 'Attack & Defend'. Form & mix
Taijidao: 27 Sabre solo form; Sabre sparring form; Sabre free style sparring 太極刀
Taijijian: 54 Straight Sword solo form; Sword sticking; Sword free-style sparring 太極劍
Taijiqiang: Spear solo training; Spear sparring drills; Spear free style sparring 太極槍
Yang-style Taijiquan Full Curriculum Intensive
    (3 month course)

5 Section Taijiquan Program:
Sam is the creator of 5 Section Taijiquan program

5 Section Taijiquan
    (solo form Yang style) 五段太極拳
5 Section Taijiquan
    (2 person form) 五段太極散手
5 Section Taijijian
    (solo sword form) 五段太極劍
5 Section Taijijian
    (2 person sword form) 五段太極對練劍
5 Section Chen Taijiquan
    (solo form Chen style) 五段陳式太極拳
5 Section 24 Movement Taijiquan
5 Section Taiji Qigong & Core Principles
5 Section Taiji Jue-shou
    (Sensing-hands) 五段太極覺手
5 Section Taijiquan Full Curriculum Intensive
    (4 week course)
5 Section Taijiquan Instructors Certification Intensive
    (6 week course) Archive from the 2007 instructors intensive

Supplementary Work Topics

Taijiquan & Push-hands: Energies & Principles
The 37 Essential Postures of Yang style Taijiquan
37+13+24=1: How Essential Taiji Concepts Create the ‘One-Feel’
The 13 Powers
Push Hands & the 13 Powers
Sticking Energy for Push Hands & Applications
Taijiquan 25 Energies
Sticking and Yielding
Push Hands for Competitors
Push Hands: Tricks & Techniques, Skills & Applications
Four-hands Under the Microscope
Four-hands: The Eight Changes
Cansi Jin: Silk Reeling in Chen & Yang style Taijiquan
Grasp Bird's Tail & Single Whip Under the Microscope
Tai Chi Push Hands for all Martial Artists
Yang Style Full Curriculum Overview
Applying the Taijiquan Classics

Taijiquan Applications
Taijiquan: Martial Applications
Applications of the 37 Essential Postures
Tai Chi Push Hands for Ground Range Sparring
Applying Push Hands
Taiji Qinna
Taijiquan for Self-defence

Tai Chi Weapons
13 Powers & the Taiji Sword
13 Powers & the Taiji Spear
Sabre basics: Form and Application
The 3 Weapons: Sabre, Sword & Spear
Tai Chi Weapons
Sticking Energy for Sword & Spear

Tai Chi Principles
Taijiquan Core principles
Push Hands Core principles
Internal Arts Core Principles
Qigong Core principles
Tai Chi: Finding Centre
Tai Chi: Root & Crown
Tai Chi: The Inner and Outer
Taiji and the Yijing

Qigong & special training
Qigong in Push Hands
5 Gates Qigong
Breath Placement Qigong
Balancing The Heart Qigong
Internal Martial Arts Qigong
Four Qi Secrets
Taiji Gongli
Tai Chi & Emotion
Guan Qi Fa
Using Qi in Taijiquan
Tai Chi Sensing Hands for Qi Cultivation

Other Internal Arts

• Nejiaquan 内家拳
Neijiquan Core Principles: Taiji, Bagua & Xingyi
Baguazhang 八卦掌
Baguazhang: Core Principles
Baguazhang: 8 Mother Palms (fixed-step)
Baguazhang: 8 Mother Palms (moving-step)
Baguazhang: 8 Palm Changes (solo)
Baguazhang: 8 Palm Changes (sparring-form)
Baguazhang Applications
Xingyiquan 形意拳
Xingyiquan: Core Principles
Xingyiquan: The 5 Fists
Xingyiquan Lian-huan quan - Linking routine
Xingyiquan San-shou Pao - 3-Hand Cannon
Wuxing Shengke - 5-fists restrain-each-other (fixed-step)
Wuxing Shengke - 5-fists restrain each other (moving-step)
An-shen Pao - Peaceful-body Cannon
Xingyiquan Sparring and Applications
Xingyi Sancai Jian  - 3 Powers Straight-sword (sparring-form)

Free sparring/Self Defence
Free sparring may be approached from the perspective of the various fighting ranges both for competition and for self defence. Universal fighting principles need not be limited to style, but may draw upon many schools and approaches to combat. Sam works with a system based on ranges, as follows:
  • Outside Range - long kicking, lunge striking
  • Mid-outside Range - tight kicking, mid-range striking, qinna (seizing & grabbing)
  • Middle Range - 'seven stars' method, 'push-hands' grappling, qinna (seize, grab & seal)
  • Inside-mid Range - tight/quick grappling, take downs/drags, qinna (lock, break, choke & strangle)
  • Ground - hold downs, crushes, locks, stance recovery

Taijiquan Teachers Training
Teaching Taijiquan to Intermediate and Advanced Practitioners
5 Section Taijiquan Program: intensive and teacher's certification