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Sam's Taijiquan Biography

Sam Masich is considered to be one of the most accomplished mid-generation practitioners of Chinese internal martial arts in the world today teaching in nine countries. Having trained and taught for more than thirty years, he has been included as one of the 100 Extraordinary Chinese Martial Arts Practitioners in the world today by the International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association and is an awarded eighth degree master.

Mr. Masich has studied with several of the great masters of his era from both North America and China including: Grandmasters: Liang Shouyu (梁守渝; b. 1943), Dr. Yang Jwing Ming (楊俊敏; b. 1946), Jou Tsung Hwa (1917-1998), Yang Zhenduo (杨振铎; b. 1926), Chen Xiaowang (陳小旺; b. 1945), first instructor Brien Gallagher and Raymond Yam Man Chung (鍾蔭民; b. 1913). He has taught around the world and is the subject of two internationally airing documentaries. Sam has made many films on taijiquan and neijia related subjects.

Sam Masich on Wikipedia
Sam Masich Internal Arts 馬希奇内家拳
5 Section Taijiquan 五段太極拳


A passionate and gifted teacher, Sam never fails to inspire students along their path. His work as a full time instructor has taken him to over 100 cities in Canada, the United States, Mexico, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Scotland. As one of few taijiquan practitioners today that trains and teaches the entire traditional syllabus of yang-style taijiquan (including bare-hand and weapons sparring), Sam continually finds new ways to integrate traditional principle with classical and contemporary form. Students from around the world have traveled to his annual Summer Push Hands Training Camps (originally in Vancouver, Canada) held in Berlin, Germany.

Sam is the creator of the 5 Section Taijiquan Program, a recreational and preliminary training program which includes simplified Tai Chi bare hand and weapons solo and sparring routines. 


Sam Masich began his martial arts studies at age 18 with the yang-style taijiquan full curriculum and kodokan judo with Brien Gallagher (judo 4th degree), the senior student of Grandmaster Y. M. Chung. He became a formal disciple of both grandmasters Shouyu Liang and Yang Jwing Ming in 1989. Along the way has also studied to varying extents: chen, fu, wu and sun -styles of taijiquan, as well as baguazhang, xingyiquan, luihebafa, shuaijou, shaolinquan, modern wushu, kendo and western fencing. Yang-style taijiquan has commanded his greatest interest over the years and Masich is one of few taijiquan practitioners today that trains and teaches the entire traditional syllabus including bare-hand and weapons sparring. He is possibly best known for his approach to classical and freestyle push-hands.


In former days Masich distinguished himself in competition as a quadruple and septuple gold medalist in national competitions and was a member of the Canadian National Chinese Martial Arts Team competing in China at The World Wushu Invitationals in 1985. In 1994, although formally retired from competition, he was awarded seven gold medals for performances in the Shanghai Oberon Cup, an event involving athletes from more than twenty countries. Since 1989 Masich has refereed and judged in national tournaments and served for almost two decades as chief referee of push-hands in the USA All Taijiquan Championships.

Martial Arts Consultant

Sam has served as a martial arts action consultant, trainer and choreographer on various TV programs and stage productions, and is himself the subject of two documentaries on Taijiquan and the internal arts. For several years he was the combat instructor for the National Voice Intensive at Simon Fraser University, a program for actors focusing heavily on Shakespearean themes. He instructs actors via two programs; ‘Love and Hate, Sex and Violence’ which explores scenes demanding explosive and passionate chemistry between performers, and ‘Grace on Rage on Stage’, a contemporary stage combat program, which focuses on various elements of performed violence.


Sam began his martial arts career at the beginning of the home-video era and is probably one of the most recorded internal martial artists of all time. He has been filmed in countless demonstrations, competitions and classes and was the first instructor to publish a video instructional manual on the subject of Push Hands. He has produced over 20 instructional films on subjects such as taijiquan, push-hands, qigong and xingyiquan and has several major instructional video works in development. Sam is currently working on a feature length documentary entitled 'Tai Chi People'.



"The Canadian Taijiquan Federation has hosted Sam Masich for more than 15 workshops on a variety of taijiquan studies including forms, weapons, push hands and qigong. Everyone who has attended has come away from the workshops with a deeper understanding of taijiquan and has been inspired to greater efforts."
Ed Cooper (President Canadian Taijiquan Federation)

"Having just returned from the 16th Annual Vancouver Push Hands Camp I am once again awed, amazed and inspired by Sam's demonstration and articulation of the magic and mysticism of Taiji. Not only does he masterfully demonstrate the physical genius of the art, he offers his students an insightful, detailed process by which to individually progress down this transcendental path. The high level of skill he displays, coupled with his astute instruction of the art make him a remarkable teacher."
—Sana Shanti (Instructor, Nelson Canada)

"Sam Masich is a unique and highly innovative teacher. He never fails to inspire and consistently supports well rounded growth in the T‘ai Chi players who study with him." Haim Behar (Instructor, —Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

"All the students are really motivated. What Sam taught us is really deep. I told them he was great and I know that they weren‘t disappointed. They feel challenged and want to work more."  Erik Baez Morosini (Instructor, Mexico City, Mexico)

"The opportunity to study with Sam is both a pleasure and a priviledge. He is by far the most sincere, skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated martial artist I have had the good fortune to work with. He is also genuine human being whose interests and concerns run far deeper than the martial arts alone."
—Art Baner (Instructor, Bellingham, WA)

"If you have never had the opportunity to work with Sam then find the chance. Sam is one of those individuals that simply will amaze you. His skill in Tai Chi is only rivaled by his ability to help people achieve their goals." 
Steven Beaver (Instructor, Norman, Oklahoma)

"Sam Masich is the real thing. It is an honor to study with someone of such talent and brilliance, and a great gift to have a teacher of such humor, coherence, and integrity. Sam does what he says and says what he does, which sounds simple but is actually very rare."
—Cecily Brown (Instructor, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

"Few westerners have delved as deeply into the principles of this poorly understood martial art as Sam has, or been as willing and able to share these secrets. Sam has the rare combination excellent martial arts skills paired with the ability to communicate. He has a great way of presenting Tai Chi as a martial art and personal transformative process in the context of Chinese history and today’s world."
Peter Branson (Instructor, Wrangell, Alaska)

"Sam Masich is the hardest working guy in the relaxation business."
—Heather Madras (Eugene, Oregon)