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FFM - Cinematic

(Michael Friedman, Mark James Fortin & Sam Masich)

Cinematic is FFM's first studio album. Several of the songs from FFM Live Plus!, the band's first 'live of the floor' release are revisited, in addition to some cool new pieces. Joined by a smokin’ rhythm section comprised of Pat Steward and Doug Elliott of 'The Odds' fame, Mark, Michael and Sam merge three very distinctive styles to create something all its own.

Cinematic ©2005 S. Masich, M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin SOCAN
Produced by S.  Masich, M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin

(song list and lyrics)

Carry Me Down

There’s been a lot of changes.
Slowly coming true
We had big dreams in high school
Were you kissed at all the dances?
Have you figured out all the answers
Are you lonely now?

Time wouldn’t let me so I walked it through the door
It came in again
Do you cling to your old reasons
Do you still believe in Jesus
Are you lonely now

Carry me down, carry me down to the river
All of my life, I’ve been waiting for the chance to be
I will be there you will be there
Take our lives and go somewhere
Carry me down, carry me down to the river

Takes a lot of work to make it look so easy on the floor
To see you again
Are you drowning in the deadline
of another forgotten headline
Are you lonely now?

With my head above the water
I could hardly breathe
These fisted hands and angry tears
Will not be wasted anymore

©2005 FFM (M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin, S. Masich) SOCAN


This flicks about nothing
Wonder if she’ll marry
a pauper or a schoolboy
or a casualty of war

All the reservations
that I keep making
I hold ’em in my mouth
until the food is getting warm
And I tried so hard to tell you
but you slept like you already knew

All of my nights eating your days
I watch old movies at night for clues

Its falling away. I should have seen this
That look in your eyes is way too cinematic
And just like before this part of the film
once again proves its all about nothing at all

Liz Taylor once live there
Richard built a bridge there
And he tore it down three times
That’s what the taxi driver said

Its all about a Rebel Without A Cause In The Heat Of The Night
eating The Grapes Of Wrath, arm stretched out like Dr. Strangelove

©2005 FFM (M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin, S. Masich) SOCAN

Digging A Hole

Slow traffic climbing up that hill
Skin peeling. Burn standing still
I can’t erase this mood
I’ve got to move

No sugar sits and waits for me
In my backyard I built a mystery
I need a cigarette. I need to breathe

Along the roadside three men are digging a hole

So thirsty and parked next to me
Lime sundress. She’s got cold AC
Clings tightly holding on to everything
I look at her. She looks at me
She looks at me digging a hole

Dark stranger in the rear-view mirror
Salvation is waiting near
She looks while
death takes me home
Death takes a holiday
She looks at me. I look at her
Three men in long black raincoats wait for me
digging a hole

©2005 FFM (M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin, S. Masich) SOCAN


Julie, Julie, Julie, Julie

Twirling, swirling, whirling in Berlin
and in the end you’ll see
everything’s nothing but free

When you get to meet all your heroes
and they set you free from duty
truly Julie, you’ll be beauty
everything’s nothing but free and Julie
diamond, ruby, science don’t fool me
Magic isn’t make believe

Julie understands
solitude and tears
hiding in those eyes
oh, but in these hands
Julie understands
oh by the wheel we suffer   
Julie understands
Julie understands

©2005 FFM (M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin, S. Masich) SOCAN

Fall Down         

I made it back this morning
I am wasted. I am torn. I am through
Nothing worked out right
I drove across the desert
through the moon, without sleep, without hope
I’m broken and I’m tired

I told you you would never make it there
You just don’t listen. I am not surprised
You get what you deserve
If I were you I would have done it differently
You just don’t think and now
you see how hard it is

Running through a meadow in the night
Soft light illuminates your way
One end to another, you only go it once
Hold your head up high
Fall down

Everybody wonders why nobody gets it right
Bang, bang, bang your head against the wall
Two truths will always find a way to find another way
Fall Down

At least I made the effort, took a chance
and if it didn’t work out
so it goes. At least I tried

But now you’re here with nothing
Time is moving fast. You failed again
My friend you’re not young anymore

You think your life is better standing shackled in a cage
My life is good. Who the hell are you to say?
I would rather live and die than die and never live at all
Don’t bring your pain to me
You know I care too much

©2005 FFM (M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin, S. Masich) SOCAN

St. Catherine

Push face in grass. Face deep in grass
Make sure you keep ‘em closed
Rocket to the past. Face to the past
You’ll be safer there
Push face in hands. Face deep in hands
Its no use praying now

Now we’ll go to see St. Catherine, patron of regret
Now we’ll go to meet St. Catherine, she hasn’t failed me yet

Right now there are about a million girls
waiting for your cab to come
All red just like a cardinal
waiting to absolve you from
From your secret shame.
Forgive me now. Forgive me now

Baby be prepared to come. Here
Leave all your demons on the floor

Push face in hands. Face deep in hands
Its no use praying now

©2005 FFM (M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin, S. Masich) SOCAN


Looking out the window south to Bellingham
How could something be so different and really be the same
like the four walls that surround you, or the roof above your head,
Is it there for us to fill up, or there to keep us in

South is a direction, I don’t ever want to live
but it truly is among us and it’s something we should kill
Well he never looked right at me and he never showed his face
Was it me just feeling guilty for a thousand years of this

So send a message to your captain
Write a wire on the wind
Tell him you should stand for something
Not for those who always win
Like the athletes and the actors and the corporations
The stars should stand for something
Read it in the paper no news here today
Well they sell you what they want then take it all away
When an 8 year old can tell you how it feels to kill a man
ain’t it time we did it different. Ain’t it time we took a stand

So send a message to your captain
Write a wire on the wind
Tell him you won’t be the victim and you’re tired of giving in
to the pictures in the paper and the lions at the door
ask the stars for their forgiveness and the stripes to keep you warm

Looking out the window south to Bellingham
How could something be so different and really be the same
We’ve made happiness a virtue with the sin just creeping in
Ain’t it time we did it different
Ain’t it time we tried to change

Sweet restraint

©2005 M.J. Fortin SOCAN

New York City

All the way from New York City
his letter finally came
asking her to be there with him
walking through the streets

She was the brightest star in Kansas
so grown up for seventeen
on a train to New York City
picturing of his face
walking through the streets

You can just get by in New York City
or you can make it like a king
Without a nickel for a five cent movie
they’d talk about their dreams
walking through the streets

And everything is beautiful
on Bleeker Street today
The smell of pretzels and gasoline
enough left over for everybody

Through the great wars and depression
somehow their love survived it all
It was a sickness that finally took him
leaving her alone

Now I see her out my window
Broken treasures on silver wheels
She talks to him
like he’s there with her
walking through the streets
They’re still walking through the streets

©2005 FFM (M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin, S. Masich) SOCAN

Martha Stewart                   

    Tell me again Martha Stewart
    What should we do?

John Wayne Bobbit is a TV star
Marion Barry is mayor again
Stop me before I kill again
OJ Simpson is an all American

    Tell me again Martha Stewart
    What should we do?
    This world is in an awful mess
    Its up to you

Psychopath on the cycle path
Star Wars is on course again
No one can ever vote again
Bush  W. is in a crib with a view

Osbourne, Ozzy is a TV star
Survivor is on again
Stop them before they vote again
O.B. Laden is an Allah ‘merican

Well I like a little this and a little that.
I like to put this little me into that big, blue sea.
And when It makes the sun go down it looks like purple funk
And when It makes the sun come back again
I see its all just,
        Junk, junk, junk in my kitchen
        Junk, junk, junk, on my street
        Junk, junk, junk, in my home town
        Junk, junk, junk, on my T.V. (especially there)
I like to tell the truth but the truth told me
To tell the little lie that would set me Free
So I told the little lie but the lie told me
To go and seek the truth that would set me free of
        Junk, junk, junk, in my bible
        Junk, junk, junk, in my school
        Junk, junk, junk, in my system
        Junk, junk, junk, what a fool I can be

God bless America. God bless America. God blesses America.
But Martha Stewart sets us free

She sets  us free with a sort of a cyber-tech, Victorian, medieval theme to match the plaster-cast gremlins and angels which add a gothic flair to any event take some old coffee cans and plastic buckets faux finished with yoghurt, linseed oil and mismatched buttons for a funky lampshade a doormat with a sun and moon design made out of old twist ties everyone at Wal-Mart knows you by your first name your cheese is labelled with its country’s flag of origin I’m using  a curtain rod for a walking stick floating candles in a punchbowl no turds here glass jars filled with dried rose petals everywhere and I don’t know where you got those Donald Rumsfeld knees but worst of all young man you’ve got Martha Stewart Disease

©2005 FFM (M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin, S. Masich) SOCAN

Perfect Thing       

We kiss in restaurants
She doesn’t know we’re hiding
And everybody knows that shadows aren’t enough
They see a perfect thing and wait for it to fall
Keep it simple like the roses pressed inside her book

Brace yourself for another day in this world
Tie up your legs and drag them down the hall
I hope for perfect things and wait for them to fall
She’s got a simple pedestal with a picture of a face

Its such a good thing, not just infatuation
She says don’t fight, its just a generation
I give up everything with no hesitation

Why let the world decide who really loves her
Why let the world decide who really loves her

Her eyes show me the will behind my weakness
She paints me red and hangs me on the wall
While all my perfect fears come racing down the hall
And simply she embraces me like I never lived before

©2005 FFM (M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin, S. Masich) SOCAN

There, There                 

There there, my my, hush hush, don’t cry
I will stay by your side all the days and the nights of your tears
No fear. Hey hey, my my
I will stay with you always and love you the rest of your days

No one can say what life will bring today
Something sideways hits you and and it won’t go

Who has never questioned how their life got this way
Something sideways steps in and it won’t go

©2005 S. Masich SOCAN

Case of You                              

Just before our love got lost you said
I am as constant as a northern star
And I said, constantly in the darkness
Where’s that at?
If you want me I’ll be in the bar

On the back of a cartoon coaster
In the blue TV screen light
I drew a map of Canada
Oh Canada
And your face sketched on it twice

You’re in my blood You’re like holy wine
You taste so bitter and you taste so sweet
I could drink a case of you
And still be on my feet
Oh I’d still be on my feet

I am a lonely painter
I live in a box of paints
I’m frightened by the devil
and I’m drawn to those ones that ain’t afraid
I remember that time that you told me, you said
Love is touching souls
Surely you touched mine
‘Cause part of you pours out of me
in these lines from time to time

I met a woman
She had a mouth like yours
She knew your life
your devils and your deeds
And she said
Go back to her. Stay with her if you can
but be prepared to bleed

©Joni Mitchell SOCAN

FFM Live Plus!
(Sam Masich, Michael Friedman &  Mark James Fortin)
FFM is best heard live. Features  concert performances and tracks from solo projects. For an  ‘off the bandstand’ release, this disc is doing  well, gaining a strong North American and European following. Includes Martha Stewart, Fall Down, Digging a Hole and New York City.
 ©2002 S. Masich, M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin. Produced by S.  Masich, M. Friedman, M.J. Fortin
6 live & 3 studio songs. Limited Edition CD.