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Sam Masich has some 100 of the over 400 songs in his catalogue published by artists spanning multiple genres. He has co-written with Michael Friedman, Mark James Fortin, Bobby Kapp, Christine Duncan, Miles Black, Michael Creber and others. He works as a performing songwriter, producer and educator and has 13 album projects to his credit.

'...spontaneous, new and sophisticated…while many songwriters aspire to creating new standards’, Masich succeeds…'  5/4 Magazine. Seattle, USA

'lyrical…haunting… unabashedly old fashioned… like discovering lost gems from a vintage Broadway musical that closed too soon because it was a little ahead of its time.'  Georgia Straight. Vancouver, Canada




  • 'LUCKY TIME' in production: While in México Sam recorded ten original jazz tunes with a phenomenal band; Bobby Kapp (drums), Gabriel Hernandez (piano), Tyler Mitchel (bass), Ken Basman. The album—'LUCKY TIME'—features new treatments of several favorite SamSongs previously recorded by artists Michael Friedman, Christine Duncan and Katie Peterson. Songs include: 'Roses on a River', 'Diamond Space' and 'June', as well as unrecorded songs such as: 'Berlin Boy' and 'Blues & You & Me'. Look for 'LUCKY TIME' in the summer of 2011.
  • Cow! reviewed in Holland (go to 'Reviews') 
  • Hey guitar players! Here is a special handout Sam made for guitar students studying 'Secondary Chords'

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